Introducing the SCA-4.5 CEV STAGE IV wheeled paver, specifically for intercity roads, village roads and compact roads with higher laydown rate. Paver features including Ashok Leyland BS-IV engine to deliver the premium quality paving results across a wide range of projects. Maximum availability time with reliable components serving ease of operation and all-round support from SIGMACON.

Cluster Instrumentation

The paver operator’s console is ergonomically designed according to practical principles. with advent of bs-iv engine, each function on cluster is easily identifiable and seamlessly integrated.

Safety Comes First

SCA-4.5 CEV STAGE IV is highly equipped with safety features as parking brake newly introduced and designed for best in class ergonomics. also the safety labels to enhance the operators safety while functioning.


BS-IV Engine Power

Whether it is paving walkways, minor roads, parking spaces, intra and intercity roads, SCA-4.5 masters every job seamlessly and quickly with high engine output.


Versatility and Reliability

SCA-4.5 CEV STAGE IV handles wide range of material i.e. wet mix, asphalt and DLC, thanks to its large hopping capacity which supports relentless work. also excellent paving operation with vibrating and heating function of screed

Paving Width 2.5 to 4.5 meters (Hydraulically Extendable Screed)
Paving Speed 1.25-23 meter/minute
Paving Thickness 10-200 mm
Screed Heating Feature Oil Burners
Screed Vibration 0-30 Hz
Crown -1 to +3
Engine MakeAshok Leyland BS-IV Model H4C410122
Engine Output101 HP at @2200 rpm
Travel Speed0-19 KMPH
Hopper Capacity4 cubic meters ( Approx. )
Fuel Tank Capacity120 litres
Hydraulic Oil Tank
80 litres
Urea Tank Capacity24 litres
Material SuitabilityBituminous , WetMix Material & DLC.
Battery12 Volts (150 ah)
SteeringPower Steering
Tool Box & Spares
Operating Height2970 mm
Shipping Height2290 mm
Length5720 mm
Operating Width3160 mm
Shipping Width2720 mm
Weight (approx.)10 tons
Truck Dumping
600 mm
WheelBase2480 mm
Tyres: Front 2
nos.-Solid Rubber
OD 22” x id 16” x w 20”
Tyres: Rear 2
12 x 20-20 ply